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How can I improve blood flow for my sample?

Good hydration, warm hands, use the side of your ring finger

If you have poor circulation, you generally have cold hands, or you have had issues with providing blood samples in the past, we recommend that you follow these tips when collecting finger prick blood sample.

  • Make sure you are well hydrated before performing the test, by drinking plenty of fluids for several days leading up to your test. This will encourage better blood flow.
  • Make sure your fingers are warm by using one or several of the below options:
  • Wash hands with warm water, or even take a warm shower, if necessary.
  • Do the test after exercise, or do some star jumps/walking up and down the stairs to encourage circulation.
  • Stand up and point your hand and fingers to the floor when taking the sample, using gravity to help blood flow.
  • Massage your hands and finger so that they feel warm to touch before using the lancet, then after lancing, massage your finger towards the tip to encourage blood flow.
  • Use the side of your ring finger, as this is the best finger from which to draw blood.