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How do I register my DNAage test?

visit www.dnaage.srw.co

When you receive your DNAage product you will notice that the sample collection tube has a unique barcode associated to it (e.g. SRWxxxxxx-xxxx).

To receive your biological age by email, you need to register your barcode at dnaage.srw.co/ - please note that the "SRW" prefix is populated for you, so you only need to enter the following letters/numbers unique to your barcode.

For the full DNAage experience you will need to complete 2 pages. 



We will not use your data for any purposes other than helping you improve your result through lifestyle adjustment recommendations, progress updates, and product recommendations. 


Registering more than one kit

If you are registering kits at the same time for you and another person, please ensure that you use different email addresses. 

If you are registering additional kits for the same person, you can use the same email address so long as your subsequent tests are taken three months or more apart.  We recommend that you retest your biological age every at intervals of 3, 6 or 12 months to monitor your progress and to measure whether the lifestyle modifications or supplementation are having the desired effects.