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What is included in the DNAage test?

Biological age, pace of aging and telomere length reports

DNAage tests over 900,000 DNA methylations regions to provide you with three reports: Cellular age, Pace of aging and Telomere length.

For more information on these reports, please see the How does the DNAage test work FAQ.

In addition to these reports, the cost of the test includes an optional 20 minute online consult with one of our experts to discuss your results and assess how we can help you improve your healthy aging activities.

DNAage customers receive regular emails with information and tips on how you can directly influence healthy aging through your daily habits and decisions. We encourage you to download the SRW Healthspan app to make the most of your experience (Android users download here. iPhone users download here).

Through DNAage and the SRW Healthspan app you will;

  • Discover your cellular age, rate of aging and telomere length over time.
  • Be able to track these metrics over time as you repeat the test, and correlate lifestyle adjustments to changes in DNA methylation patterns
  • Learn about how lifestyle affects aging.
  • Learn about the science behind the SRW range.
  • Set up a reminder to take your supplements.