What is the Cellular System range and how does it support my health?

Due to modern diet, lifestyle changes, and advances in science, our life expectancy has been increasing each generation. This increasing lifespan, however, is not paired with a proportionate increase in our healthspan, the portion of our lives for which we are healthy.

The Cellular System range has been developed to help extend the human healthspan by leveraging the latest science, research, and biotechnology supporting your body’s natural defences against the Nine Hallmarks of Aging.

Each tissue, organ and system in our body is made from cells.  Therefore, we believe that supporting your cells has a flow-on effect to each of the other eleven systems that make up the human body.  As you age, cellular function changes and this is why the importance of supporting cellular health increases as you get older.

Each formulation below is designed to support your cell's natural defenses against 3 of the 9 Hallmarks of Aging. When taken together the range supports your cell's natural defenses against all 9 Hallmarks of Aging. Learn more about the Hallmarks here

Cel1 Stability

Cel1 Stability supports DNA structure and function, normal gene function, and healthy telomeres.  

We recommend incorporating Cel1 into your healthy aging strategy from the biological age of 30, or if you experience environmental and lifestyle-related factors that place stress on your cells such as UV exposure, pollution, lack of sleep, insufficient exercise, stress, alcohol consumption. 

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Cel2 Nourishment

Cel2 Nourishment supports energy production in the mitochondria, normal intercellular communication, and stem cell health. 

We recommend incorporating Cel2 into your healthy aging strategy from the biological age of 30. Alternatively, take Cel2  at any age if you are looking for a sustainable energy uplift solution. 

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Cel3 Renewal

Cel³ Renewal supports the detection and recycling of senscent cells; normal folding and formation of proteins; and cellular ability to detect and respond to nutrients. 

We recommend incorporating Cel3 into your healthy aging strategy from a biological age of 50. 

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Taken in combination, Cel1, Cel2 and Cel3 provide natural protection to support your overall cellular system for youthful cell function and healthy aging.