What is the difference between Chronological Age and Biological Age?

For the longest time, your age has been defined by the day you were born and the number of times you are fortunate enough to circle the sun. Recent advances in the field of biotechnology hint that in the future we will all carry two ages:

  • Your chronological age - Our traditional measure of age, the one that we celebrate every advancing birthday.
  • Your biological age - The age that our cells are acting.

It turns out that these two ages can be quite different.

We all know of people who look just a little older than the age they are and also a lucky few that look significantly younger than their actual age. New DNA tests, such as DNAage, can measure something called DNA methylation, which gives you an indication of how old your cells are acting. Researchers have found the not only can people look different to their actual age, but the DNA in their cells can reflecting this as well.

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