What is the difference between Cel1 and other antioxidant supplements available in the market?

Cel1 is part of Cellular range of products that, together, target the 9 causes of aging to slow the symptoms of aging.

The Cel1 formula is specifically designed to protect your DNA - the "brain and control centre" of the cell.

Cel1 includes the "world's smartest intelligent antioxidant protection", through targeted antioxidant protection through one of the hero ingredients. Hobamine, which is a patented form of 2-HOBA, is derived from Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat. What makes 2-HOBA unique is that it protects against the free radical damage whilst maintaining healthy levels of free radicals needed for our immune response. 

SRW Laboratories is one of only two companies in the world currently licensed to use this ingredient and the only brand in Australia and New Zealand that uses Hobamine ingredients scientifically in dietary health products.